Your content on all platforms!

Journalistic storytelling and the distribution of content on linear and digital communication channels is one of lucky7even’s core competence.

In digital transformation and the related competition for attention, two aspects are becoming increasingly important:

1. The creation of relevant storytelling around brands and around products
2. The decision on which media content to seed and distribute at what time
The final step of the project will be, to provide you with a reporting of all broadcasts with all placements and similar values.
We will gladly advise you and develop the right strategy for your company.


L7 World


lucky7even is not only an experienced content marketing specialist but also has many years of expertise in the targeted distribution of brand concept content.
Besides, qualitatively and quantitatively high-quality contacts to TV and online editors also make it possible to deliver the right content precisely to the right audience.
Without web monitoring and web analytics, there is no efficient content marketing. For this reason, we also offer you the prerequisites in this area for not only pursuing your measures in real time, but also expand them through prescriptive and predictive analytics, in the sense of results- and success-oriented brand communication.
Above all, this guarantees you the opportunity to identify and derive future trends.


In addition to our non-paid media marketing, we take care of a targeted, comprehensive, media strategy. This strategy should unite Non-Paid, – and Paid Media on all target group proper channels in a synergetic and efficient way and provide for a precisely fitting overall attention.
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